Top Five Things To Do In Steamboat Springs In the Rain

The rain in Steamboat Springs has been coming and coming. The upside is the valley is lush. Grasses are growing knee high, clovers look like they are on steroids and the wildlife are finding plenty to eat. The downside is it’s been raining every day for what feels like the past month. So I figured, [...]

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Shifting Weather Patterns

In towns that rely on weather for tourism, no matter if it’s raining, sunny, snowing or hailing, what the weather is doing is always cause for conversation and speculation. Many people worried that the dry winter we had would mean drought this summer. Others think that early snowfalls mean we’ll have another epic snow year [...]

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biking is like skiing

Top 5 Ways Biking is Like Skiing

The transition from skiing to biking as soon as the ski seasons ends is pretty instantaneous. Those who can’t wait for the snow to melt outfit their bikes with fat tires to run over the snow. Asphalt becomes crowded with bikers as soon as the sun is up. So is there even a connection between [...]

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