Steamboat’s Wildflowers

Yup, we do ski rentals and snowboard rentals and ski bike rentals, but we also can’t help but appreciate the beauty of summer in Steamboat. This week the wildflowers are EVERYWHERE! Up on Rabbit Ears Pass and higher elevations, the first flowers of spring are still opening up, such as Glacier Lilies, with their petals [...]

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A Bit About Where Skiing Came From

For those of us who ski recreationally it can be easy to forget that skiing began as a means for travel during winter by hunters and trappers. In fact skiing is so ancient it pre-dates the wheel. According to Roland Huntford in his book Two Planks and a Passion, Cro-Magnon man first used skis 22,000 [...]

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Steamboat Springs Skiing Draws Olympic Athletes

Steamboat Springs has a long history with skiing. In 1913 Marjorie Perry, the daughter of coal baron, Sam Perry had an encounter that changed Steamboat Springs forever. On her way to visit a ski jumping competition, she ran into a man named Carl Howelsen. Howelsen was a ski jumper that, instead of attending the festival, [...]

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