Winter On The Way

I just got an email from a friend saying “I hope you are enjoying the last few weeks of summer.” With fall fast approaching the first snows will be flying before we know it. So I thought I’d take the time to celebrate all the wonders of snow. 1. Snow changes the landscape. Bushes and [...]

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Exploring the Mountains of Steamboat Springs

The biggest appeal of skiing is the terrain, the mountains and the vistas. Since the snow has finally melted out of the backcountry, we want to share our top picks for mountains and vistas to explore in and around Steamboat Springs, Colorado. 1. Mount Zirkel. The highest peak in the Mount Zirkel Wilderness at 12,180 [...]

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How Many Different Types of Skiing Are There?

You know the song, Passenger, where they lyrics say “only miss the sun when it starts to snow?” Well, we were kind of feeling the opposite today when we started to miss the snow because of the sun. So to take our minds off summer, we decided to explore how many different types of skiing [...]

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